Monday, November 6th, 2006

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Today was one of those days when I was simply too exhausted to leave the house, and resting seemed like a remarkably good idea considering that I felt like I needed to cough this gunk out of my lungs, but coughing seemed like far too much work. So I stayed here, mostly in bed...
until after sunset, at which point I suddenly had enough energy for a walk. Came home, was on computer a while, then decided I needed something from the grocery store. Walked a total of about three miles tonight. Fortunately, my polling place for tomorrow's election is close enough that I can crawl there if I'm too tired to stand upright.

Note to my fellow Americans: If you haven't done so already: Vote, darn you!

Shall a nation come from a permanent condition,
a thousand windows and multiple locks
and blood, yields sacrifice and i am sick of fighting
with diamond-studded scales,
even if it were from the consciousness of self
and there he'll dry till they meet and also guilt
what happened to freedom with a crawl, or comes with a brass band.

ten thousand people, maybe more,
not a hole the cold corpse of the world
in the abstract tradition, while others
will have for winter pearmains
and burst with laughter,
and i would surround you

all your money, your pretty necklace
this year's for me and song.

i stand at my feet to the unnoticed end.


Perfect music for reading MegaHAL by: anything from this site, especially "What's My Name." Just like HAL, DJ Earworm isn't afraid of massive copyright violations in the name of art!


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