Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

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[ profile] supergee has done us all a great service by alerting us to the latest blasphemy from AOL. You see, in a new marketing campaign, AOL has the nerve to repeatedly use the phrase "I AM"--repeatedly, I say!--which, as we all know, is one of the most common phrases in the English language, you twits "the English translation of YaHWeH, the self-proclaimed name of God."
"You must immediately change the name of your program," he [Ian Millar] told Jonathan Miller, the chief executive officer of America Online, and John Buckley, corporate communications officer for the company, in a pointed letter. I can assure you that you will lose business over this marketing tactic from people who worship the Almighty. But worse, you have offended Him by your actions; whether they are deliberate or ignorant. To treat as common the name of God is wicked...."

Yes, I can see that treating the most common verb in the English language as common is an outrage to all right-thinking people.


I am a Christian. I am not stupid. I am sick of people trying to convince us all that the one way to live a godly life involves turning off one's brain. That said, I am giving you a poll:

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