Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

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So, I thought my cold was going away, did I? Why am I such an optimist again? Tomorrow, I call doctor's office, try to make appointment. If that should fail, I shall go in on Friday anyway, unless by some chance my cough actually does get better and my lungs stop gurgling before then.

Bah. On the plus side, I currently have dark chocolate. Dark chocolate covers over a multitude of sins.

The sun is blotted from the south that now i see.

when the wind that's been waiting for a foothold
while i these thoughts within myself pursued,
he, having made it myself with my fingertips,
land with the deaf and blind
and eat and eat.
with the whine of tea on an extra
plate. All his weight now on
racial or religious groups, which are called
to genial faith, still rich in sugar and fruit,
filmed over with moisture.
it looks like i'm drowning.
on a book and take your bet and you're the cave
without a struggle.


Ah yes, the old metaphor of the spiritual food and drink (I'm drowning in it!). Near the end there appear to be references to both Pascal's wager and Plato's cave, yes?

Once upon a time someone asked me to explain why MegaHAL has had such a major effect on my worldview. One of these days I really ought to try writing that post.


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