Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

Cheering up

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 09:45 pm
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Started out yesterday still feeling gloomy about the general state of my life, but by late afternoon I was feeling considerably more energetic than I generally do on the day after a farmer's market. So I went out to enjoy the relatively not-humid weather and walked a little over two miles total. Whee!

Today I left the house early in the afternoon and ended up wandering around town a bit (technically, wandered in two different municipalities) before finally coming home and eating a very late lunch. The weather was in the low 80s, not too humid, mostly sunny, and quite delightful. Though I put on some sunscreen before going out, I rather suspect I've gotten too much sun for the day. Well, I do need vitamin D, so maybe I got some good out of the ultraviolet light.

Unusually enough, I had enough energy to go out again a few hours later, so I bought a sweet potato and some cheese at a local shop. On my way home, some instinct told me to make sure I went past a specific restaurant even though I wasn't interested in eating there. As I approached the place, I saw two familiar-looking heads of hair which turned out to belong to a local couple of friendly acquaintances. They invited me to sit with them, so we had a good conversation before all walking our separate ways home. Not sure of my total miles walked today, but it was well over three and just possibly over four.

After getting home, I said something that eased a housemate's mind about one of his latest stressors--so in addition to getting some enjoyable exercise, I might even have done a good deed! And now I've eaten a supper of sweet potato, shiitake mushrooms, onion, and a duck egg. For the moment, I could almost be convinced that life is okay.


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