Sunday, November 19th, 2006


Sunday, November 19th, 2006 11:49 am
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If you said something & were surprised I didn't comment, I'm sorry. I seem to be missing a lot lately.

Finished course of antibiotics last night. Question: Does the 5-day azithromycin treatment ever help anybody? 'Cos now that I'm done with it, I seem to remember it being ineffective the last time I tried it, and it certainly doesn't seem to have done much to battle the infection this time.

Am cranky, sad, and scared for a variety of reasons today. Since my ears are now too congested for me to enjoy listening to music, it's probably time to just go back to sleep.
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So, today I: Coughed a lot. Got scared. Got annoyed. Got in touch with various people. Coughed more. Got a little reassurance. Slept more. Coughed. Read a bit. Had long, somewhat interesting conversation with prospective housemate, interrupted by bouts of coughing. Got more reassurance, bringing along with it some idea of how incredibly twisted a few people can be. Got fed up. Got over it. Didn't get milk, 'cos I don't need to encourage the phlegm production now, thanks. Soon I shall get supper, which was sadly delayed by the long conversation.

Tomorrow will probably involve a fight with voice mail at the doctor's office, since the Z-pack didn't seem to do much against the antibiotic. And aghhh, I just remembered a discussion I should've had with the landlord while he was still here.

Silly as it sounds, I think I'll put off tonight's MegaPoMo post till tomorrow. I've got a feeling I'll need something to keep me distracted while dealing with that bloody voice mail.


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