Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

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Wednesday, October 11th, 2006 01:03 pm
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Spent lots of time yesterday running hither and yon for medical & bureaucratic reasons before finally collapsing on a bus stop bench and reading while the sun set. The Miles Vorkosigan books still seem to be exactly what I need to read now. I wonder what I'll do once I've gone through all the ones the library's got?

I had a dream recently where [ profile] gurdonark, [ profile] mystified13, and [ profile] verian all got together to collaborate on some music. As dream situations go, that one has to be one of the least unlikely I've seen lately, even if Verian and Mystified don't have each other on their friends lists.

Silly astrology stuff--this week's horoscopes from Free Will Astrology:Read more... )

So I'm advised to be unbalanced and ungrounded this week, eh? Well, I'll do what I can!

Note to anyone who has ever used Launchcast: the free usage limit has been increased from 450 songs per month to 3000 per month. Woo!

If communities were people, I'd be telling [ profile] tuesdaywalk and [ profile] urban_nature that they should get to know each other, 'cos even with their differences, I think they'd get along really well. Then when they feel comfortable with each other, they could hold parties and invite [ profile] sunsetpictures and [ profile] iamthelorax and [ profile] buried_in_green and maybe even [ profile] hummingbirders. But they're not really people, so I'll just have to dream.


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