Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

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I believe in basic human rights for everyone, whether or not they deserve them.

I believe that adults have the right to enter into contracts of whatever form, as long as those contracts are made through mutual consent and do not harm others or induce either party to break some necessary law (such as laws against murder). I believe that this right exists whether or not the parties have ever had sex with each other.

I believe that all sex acts should be consensual.

I believe that adults have a right to privacy and freedom from government intrusion into their private lives. I believe that this right extends to consensual sexual behavior which does no demonstrable harm to others and does not involve breach of contract with others.

I believe that the right to freedom of association extends to people of whom you disapprove.

I believe in rule by law, not by individuals or groups who consider themselves outside or above the law.

I believe that where laws are unjust, they must be changed; but also that when those in authority break the law, they deserve greater punishment than those under their authority. I believe that those at the highest levels of government should be held to the highest standards.

I believe that any sense of security achieved by the restriction of basic human liberty is a false sense of security which cannot endure.

I believe that the single most important function of any branch of government is to protect the people from the abuses of the other branches of government.

I believe that punishment should come after the conclusion of a fair trial, not before.

I believe that some people deserve to be tortured. However, I also believe that acts of torture do such damage both to the torturer and to the society that condones torture that torture must not be condoned, however much it may be deserved.

I believe that a government which cannot achieve its objectives without torture is a government which must change its objectives. I believe that a society for which torture is essential to the way of life is a society which deserves to crumble.


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