Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

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Saturday, September 23rd, 2006 11:19 am
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Had to cancel another appointment yesterday, though not for the same reasons as the one on Thursday. My body really needs to start communicating more clearly about what it needs me to do.

So I spent some of yesterday sleeping, some reading, some chatting with [ profile] hai_kah_uhk about aliens and astrology, too much eating, and a lot of time playing around with the search feature in Yahoo! mail. I found one thing which made me incredibly giggly indeed--the notification for [ profile] skygypsy's very first LJ comment! Since it was a response to a post that was deleted long ago and it was thought that the comment notifications were all gone as well, we thought her LiveJournal introduction was lost forever, but it wasn't! I won't post it here because, hey, it was originally in a locked post and had some old personal stuff in it. But re-reading it again made me cackle gleefully. *NUKE BEIGE!* Oh, and I also seem to have broken someone's brain, though I'm not at all sure how that happened.

In a [ profile] slacktivist post yesterday, it was written:
Sometimes I read something interesting on the Web, bookmark the site, and then write about it here on the blog.

Sometimes, though, I read something interesting, bookmark the site, and then never get around to writing about it. Weeks and months pass by and the bookmarks folder gets filled to overflowing. I usually label this folder "current" -- a label that quickly becomes inaccurate. My current "current" folder is actually labeled "MLK," because I started it back around Jan. 15 when I was bookmarking a bunch of stuff for a post on Martin Luther King Jr.

So, does anyone else do this? I certainly do. It's not in a bookmarks folder because I know I never get around to cleaning those out, but a bunch of links will be in a text file, usually labeled "Post" or "Post3" or "Sources" or something, and every once in a while I'll go through them and wonder "What the heck was I thinking when I saved this?"

Other times, I know exactly why I saved what I saved. For instance, many of you need to see The Completely True Untold Origin of Doctor Doom, No Kidding For Real. And then you need to make some posts of your own. Also: The Periodic Table of ComicBooks. And... good grief, I found half an essay I was going to post back in June. I wonder if I'll ever actually finish that?

Odd dreams last night. A few involved things I won't mention here, but I will say that Colin Hay's version of the Icehouse song "Icehouse" works surprisingly well in my head. Oh, and my sleeping mind has odd ideas about what should be done with chocolate.


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