Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006 10:45 am
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Of course you feel like your world is falling apart--the world as you knew it is falling apart. The fact that you feel like you're on shaky ground is not evidence that you are a weak and pathetic person; it is a natural, human reaction to what life has brought you. Let yourself grieve for what you've lost, for what you're still losing. You are strong enough to live through this, and you are loved.

You think nobody notices what your real obsession is? Dream on, honey. People become what they focus on, and what you're focusing on isn't pretty. You haven't yet become the thing you hate, but you are closer to it now than you were a year ago.

Quit trying to "Think Positive" and just take an honest look at the world around you. You are so intent on finding the supposed bright side to each dark cloud in your life that you don't notice all the genuinely, unequivocally good things there are. You would be much happier if you didn't waste so much good energy trying to be happy.

Yes, I know I'm irritating you. This is because I have been acting as your mirror. The reason it seems I reflect only the parts of you you don't want to see is that you don't want to see yourself at all. This is a mistake on your part: you are much better than you know. You're also much more irritating than you know, but that's human nature for you.

Your moods go up and down like a colorful bouncy ball. I'd offer my sympathies, but you seem to be having fun with it. Go you!

You let them take advantage of you because you believe them when they say things will be different this time. They rationalize away the guilt because they believe you when you say that you'll be different this time. There is no mystery here.

Are you really as even-tempered as you seem? 'Cos if you are, that's incredibly nifty. Do you know how rare you are?

Grrr... rotting fruit left on the kitchen counter really isn't cool, you know. It's better than the other housemate who left a meat dish sitting on the stove for a week, but standards need to be higher than that around here.

I can't think of a way to tell you without embarrassing the both of us, but I think I want to be you when I grow up.


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