Thursday, January 12th, 2006

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Thursday, January 12th, 2006 09:17 pm
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I was right about something yesterday: I did get out of the house before dark. Well, it was kinda dark when I went for my walk, but that was only because of the heavy downpour which soaked through my jeans, drenched poor innocent socks and sneakers, and was only somewhat unsuccessful in moistening the bits of me that the umbrella was supposed to protect. The day was warm enough and I was feeling well enough that the three miles or so walked during errands was fairly pleasant anyway.

Got home from groceries planning to go to bed early so I could get up early today. Then I realized as I sat here at the computer that (A) my muscles were twitching even more annoyingly than they had been the night before, (B) I was still feeling restless after my walk, and (C) I really wanted to socialize with some people and associated cats. So I got out and hung around some nifty folks and it was good. I'm so glad I could visit friends (and meet new people) for a while! I just wish I could do that more often. But why do I always seem to end up amongst the people who are well-known for being evil and using dark powers? Not that I'm complaining, mind; just curious.

The fog passing by the moon as I waited at the Metro station was a captivating shade of blue.

Got home at a reasonable hour, but the twitches didn't let me get to sleep for a while. I'd expected that. Last night's dream broke the pattern of disturbing dreams I'd had lately, though. Sure, the dream was about the impending end of the world, but it was all very friendly and there may have been a jacuzzi involved. Earlier in the week I'd dreamed about being assaulted, living in a nasty totalitarian state, things like that, so this was an improvement.

This morning's fog was thick and silver, glinting gold where the sunlight hit it. The outer fog didn't quite match the fogginess in my brain, but it's a nice metaphor.

Today's weather was sunnier and warmer than yesterday, good weather for walking. I walked much less today. It figures. I was at the store looking for some soap when a man stopped me and, with the air of someone who really wants you to buy what he's selling, introduced himself and grabbed my hand with a grip that made me wish I'd put on enough lotion today to keep my skin from cracking. As I waited to find out what he was selling, he explained that he saw me walking through his neighborhood a lot and felt it was time to introduce himself.

That was it. Does this happen to anyone else? Do people often come up to you in stores or libraries and tell you that they had to introduce themselves because they've seen you walking through the neighborhood? And do those people seem like salesmen who aren't actually selling anything? Actually, since these are, statistically speaking, likely to be straight men, maybe they're hoping to sell someone on the benefits of being with them. But if that were the case, I'd expect the guys to actually ask me out more often. Maybe I didn't look as good close up as he'd thought when he saw me walking down his street, or maybe he was discouraged by the way I stood there staring at my crushed and bleeding hand.

Legs are twitching less tonight, though my upper back's got some complaints. I'm going to at least try to get to sleep early tonight.


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