Wednesday, January 11th, 2006


Wednesday, January 11th, 2006 10:50 am
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The feeling of having a million tiny, but well-muscled, animals jumping around deep inside your own muscles all the way from your intestines to the tips of your toes is not quite the feeling I had as I tried to sleep last night, but it does give you the general idea. It was also something like the way an electric current running through you would feel if an electric current had big lumpy things in it. I would figure that I need to increase my magnesium dosage or something if I did not have the distinct impression that my body enjoys mocking my efforts to do anything useful with it.

So after a night of not sleeping very well, I woke up early in my (continuing) efforts to get to social services by 8 a.m. This did not work out any better today than it did yesterday. Actually, that's not quite true; I do believe that I may be able to get out and about before dark today, while yesterday I didn't manage to leave the house till about 7 p.m. Maybe instead of waking up early, I would get more accomplished if I slept in the afternoon, woke up in the evening, and stayed awake all night. If I take my morning shower at 3 a.m., getting someplace before 8 may be a possibility. Then again, it might not be. Still, the results of an all-nighter aren't likely to be worse than the results I've gotten so far.

Yeah, I think these muscle twitches are my body's way of laughing at me.

Of course in this life a person's mind and the person's body are never entirely separate things but are hopelessly (hopefully?) interconnected, each dependent on the other for proper functioning. But on days like this, it sure doesn't feel that way.


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