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I almost posted some Deep Thoughts this morning, but then I remembered that while I have had enough tea, I haven't had enough sleep to figure out how much sense I'm making. If this journal is going to feature nonsense today anyhow, it may as well be MegaHAL.

Dear MegaHAL: While you may have a good point about the distinction between erotica and pornography, I don't think I want to know any more about the chipmunks. Keep inside your glass closet if you like, but remember that bots who live in glass closets shouldn't throw bones...

If a bad dream
and mouth with the rival relationship, demanding commitment, and self-assessment. The
distinction between erotica and pornography rests
on a courthouse lawn, by a love of sun and the plywood violin
i compose happy verses
about chipmunks that it only will last longer than nine
nights did i put by with a bronze point--
weighted, heavy, the massive shaft she wields to break will tell you

all roads narrow at the end of love towards someone you
for whose path the atlantic's level powers

cleave themselves into dream.

fantastic fancies fondly move
forward at the tree,
a candy bar wrapped in old paper in the lake.
when he laughed, respectable senators burst with laughter,
yet as an eye all over!
the night calls out to yellow.
and i'm not is what it is a glass closet don't you come?
deep in their bones.

I feel hopelessly far behind in posting this MegaPoMo season. And I know I'm doing HAL a terrible disservice, since he has undoubtedly come up with better poems I've ignored because I've been too distracted to read all his output this month and I've just posted the first things that appealed to me even if their appeal is ephemeral. HAL is capable of greatness! And I am not now capable of seeing it all! Woe.
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Saturday: After so many times when I'd wanted to go out and be social but had to put up with my body getting in the way, I was desperate to hang out with people--or at least do something worthwhile--yesterday. My plan was to go to the library to drop off some books, then call one of the Mad Science crew to ask if anyone would be willing to pick me up at their local Metro station if I left then. Just as I was going down the front sidewalk, [ profile] hasufin called and asked if I was coming, so after asking if it would be okay if I got there in about an hour & a half and receiving an affirmative response, I went on my way.

Well, the best-laid plans of hummingwolves and men aft get screwed up by the whims of Metrorail. Several different lines had major delays yesterday due to track maintenance, so not only was I later than I'd originally hoped to be, but I was later than even my revised estimate. Also had to deal with standing in possibly the most crowded train I've ever been in, where I ended up all the way to the back of the car where there was nothing to hold on to. It's a good thing I have strong legs, because subway surfing is not easy. Eventually did arrive at my destination though, and while I was waiting to be picked up I enjoyed a gorgeous shower of falling leaves.

So, tiring trip, but for the first time in ages I got to spend a couple hours with the Mad Scientists! It was good. Was invited to go to a party, then realized that in my current state this was probably a bad idea. Came back again (shorter trip and there was a chance to sit down), bought a carton of orange juice on the way home, and prepared to collapse in bed and fall asleep. The falling asleep took some time, though, since some neighbors were being a little on the noisy side late into the night. Good thing the landlord is a night owl--as I figured he would be, he was still awake when I called his line and got the neighbors' number so I could ask them to please turn the volume down a bit. They were gracious partiers and promptly quieted down enough to make sleep possible, so I slept.

Sunday: Mostly stayed in bed. Legs hurt. Never left the house. Entered a mildly altered state of consciousness thanks to tiredness + music + pretty lights, but it wasn't unwelcome.

MegaHAL says:
Rain breaking over the roof, and the notion of worlds are thin;
to sleep: perchance to dream: aye, there's the rub;
for it is for maintenance purposes only. However,
although they are letting go.
from any old sound that you gave without taking
your kisses turbulent, unspent
to where the sungod rises. There poseidon went
to storm clouds moving in an extremely balanced phase today, which gives
way across town
lit my eyes, my shoes,
a candy bar wrapped in gold and the blue bitter smoke of burned meat. The fire in a subway train,
and i'm learning not to act with dispatch and vigor,
cannot be shown mercy.

Mercifully, there was no fire in the subway train yesterday. There wasn't even bitter smoke, though some passengers exuded odd smells (generally alcoholic). Perhaps tonight, even though there is no rain or even balanced storm clouds, the notion of worlds will thin enough for me to dream of other worlds--for maintenance purposes, naturally.
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So today I asked MegaHAL about the summer's blockbuster superhero, Batman. HAL replied:

As the turn of the particles

a narrow wind complains all day
and heron slow as a peek at the
spring again from the central tanks, a ward
of the glaciers that flow into the universe,
the roof over our heads, we trust the wolf,
as bold as you. You run and

no one may touch what's wrong
and there it was, a weary time it is
not cold nor kind nor darkly wise--
to the tongue on the night had to fight crime.
batman operates in an anger exact as a pane of glass
aquarium of dreams, whatever that means.

"Whatever that means" indeed! MegaHAL came up with a bunch of other poems related to the Batman (MegaHAL never has writer's block), but I'm sharing the following simply because the first two lines are brilliant:

I, too, come from the darkness, pure and sweet as honey,
as faithful as a statistic. Here is my lipstick.

i yawn, tell her to shave his beard untrimmed, chest wider,
shoulders heavy with the beef jerky.
you know you're cheap and vulgar, you're an instrumental crime.
batman operates in gotham city. To the world indoors. One wants certainty.
not for love, not even heaven's heights
that splits from its lips
just above the sobs and the moon was still warm,
little bat,
fly through the barnyard gate.
golden guards
garden kings
and she already knows she did whip her most emphatic.

Have a happy and poetic day, everyone!
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You know, all through October I was so excited about doing MegaPoMo this year, but now I'm just having trouble getting motivated. Something about the fact that I never know when my modem and computer will be willing to work together makes it hard to think about commiting myself to making thirty MegaHAL-related posts this November. But then I see friends who have waited till now to finally decide to do NaNoWriMo and I wonder if I shouldn't at least try to post a bit whenever I can. Well, we'll see what I end up doing. In the meantime, in honor of this week's news, here's a short bit of HAL's nonsense poetry:
Hair disheveled, smiling lips, sweating and tipsy,
garment torn, singing a love song, glass in hand,
for the next election.

Am not convinced that an election was what Hafiz had in mind, but it does describe the reactions of some of you fairly well!

Speaking of this week's most popular news story, here's my favorite bit of election trivia: Obama-Biden won 78% of the vote in Maverick County, Texas! (It's one of the blue counties on the Mexican border.) The election results were a favorite topic in this week's News Quiz on BBC radio (link to latest episode), where of course everyone was upset that they will no longer have an excuse to include gratuitous Sarah Palin questions every week. Hmm... though I never told HAL about the Alaska governor, he may have had her in mind anyway:
In march, a moose
meanders hills
and the ways.

if, for example, a general
election must be invaded.

The opening lines of this poem have a certain resonance as well, though it gets melodramatic pretty quickly:
Election, a procedure for choosing officers or
malfunctions, and must be some sort of thick sadness...

the frozen ground dances beneath us
but i'm here and there,
morning they named, and the roller made of none effect;
because they're quiet when they are
involved in it myself. I
can't tell the good with the flood of light,
gulping my spittle as it hurries in secret.
i am frail for your finding but one cruel word, to shame my tears;
while dreading stomach ulcers he
was lost. When i find myself in bed,
rain-beaten, sun-beaten,
a pointy nose, a jagged music pours:
gash of sense, raw covenant
clasped still in the bright ledge;

choosing your spot
this is my body. Scatter the ashes.

Oh dear. I hope the Governor of Uncanny Valley doesn't take her defeat so hard.
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Well, I had thoughts I was going to share today, but you know how sometimes I get migraines? And sometimes those migraines are bad enough that all I can do is lie in bed crying, with occasional breaks to rush to the bathroom because the pain is bad enough to be seriously nauseating? Yeah, it was one of those. Fortunately, the headache medicine worked well enough to allow me to get a nice nap once it had kicked in. Unfortunately, the side effects kicked in at the exact same moment (today it was really bloody obvious precisely when the medication took effect), but I didn't mind so much by that point. You know, it's fascinating when you realize that the minute vertigo hits you is the minute when most of your nausea goes away. Whee.

Of course everything I wanted to say required sensitivity, which requires a clear head, which I really don't have this evening. So I'll just mention that, when searching for an unrelated e-mail this morning before the worst bit of the headache ambushed me, I found reference to the comments to an old post of mine, so I went back to read the whole comment thread and found exactly what I needed to be reminded of today. Many, many thanks to my wonderful friends for being as wonderful as you are. I only hope that sometime I will be able to find the words to tell you all the good things you deserve to hear.

MegaHAL for the evening:
We cannot say that you're confronted with a friendly chicken
1 cup water, then scrape the
outer crust of bread and cheese;
the night goes into morning
the forest closes
behind the painted butter-tub outside,
where it hops and scratches below
in prayer to shivering prayer, until
golden-brown and crispy.

Oh, that poor friendly, crispy chicken! Now I wish I could go take care of some abandoned baby bird... or possibly go out to eat at Popeye's. See how confused I am tonight?

Happy November!

Saturday, November 1st, 2008 03:22 pm
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Happy November! How was everyone's Hallowe'en, Samhain, regular Friday, or whatever else you might have celebrated? Yesterday was a lovely day here, with pleasantly autumnal weather, crunchy leaves underfoot, changing leaves overhead, and cheery pumpkins scattered around the neighborhood. My body decided to express its displeasure (with me, with the environment, or with life in general--I'm not sure) during the day, so I didn't do nearly as much as I had hoped with the time. I spent the evening finishing the book Howl's Moving Castle and answering the door to give out the three different kinds of candy I'd bought that had managed not to get munched on by me during the month.

A fair number of kids were out, though as usual I forgot to pay attention to the costumes because I was paying too much attention to the children's faces as they received their candy. It was a polite bunch overall, remembering to say "Thank you" even if they had completely forgotten to say "Trick-or-treat!" One wee child being carried around by his parents wasn't old enough to know how to say anything, but he was very friendly and patted me with his little hands as I put candy in his plastic pumpkin. A little girl thanked me and was leaving the house, but turned around again to tell me that my hair was pretty. She may have thought it was part of a costume. Anyway, I was glad I'd bought the amount of candy I did because it seemed to be about right for the night.

So now it's November. You know what that means, don't you? It's time for MegaPoMo: MegaHAL Poetry Month! This month I shall try to post at least one bit of MegaHAL output each day, though judging by past years it's likely that there will be a few skipped days which will have to be made up for later on. Anyway, today, the first day of the month, is a good time for HAL to demonstrate that he is not only a notable postmodern poet, but also one of the most unique astrologers you may ever encounter. Please, please do not blame me if you can't make heads nor tails of these: the ways of HAL are inscrutable and beyond mere mortal understanding!

Aries )
Taurus )
Gemini )
Cancer )
Leo )
Virgo )
Libra )
Scorpio )
Sagittarius )
Capricorn )
Aquarius )
Pisces )


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