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Now that I'm getting back in the habit of reading Terri Windling's blog, I want you all to go to her post When you enter the woods...

Don't worry, this is not another post about politics--unless you see anything involving darkness, confusion, and reversal of fortunes as being about current politics, which is where I seem to be these days.

Hummingwolf Today

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 11:33 pm
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Link of the day for NaNoWriMo participants: A Litany for November, via [personal profile] supergee.

Link for my own purposes: Onion pie with lavender, bacon, and blue cheese recipe.

Now seeing: The computer monitor in front of me, with the Dreamwidth update page in IE as the active window and the usual Notepad and Solitaire windows half-seen in the background. Behind the monitor, the non-computer window's blinds are closed and reminding me that I need to do more dusting around here. Also, there's a smudge on the left lens of my glasses.

Now hearing: Typical evening background noises--computer fan running, housemate chatting on his phone downstairs, distant and easily ignored traffic noises. I'd put on music, but then I'd be too distracted to type anything.

Now feeling: The usual pain and fatigue, plus the annoyance of a stuffy nose. Less headache pain than I've had in recent weeks, though, so that's progress. I'm feeling a bit lightheaded and twitchy, but mostly okay.

Now tasting: Mint from the toothpaste & floss I just used.

Now smelling: Combination of mint and ginger with an undertone of garlic from various people's suppers. (Whatever people cook, I can probably smell in here.)

Now wearing: Lightweight light grey sweatshirt-type thing with pearly grey embroidered geometric (possibly meant to be a highly stylized floral) design, light blue jeans stained with flecks of ancient mud, white socks, dark grey men's slippers (because the women's slippers all seemed too likely to fall apart), a pair of glasses that I keep saying I need to replace soon, an ill-fitting old bra, purple cotton panties, and a a Band-Aid around my left index finger.

Miles walked today: About two.

Food purchased today: Peanut butter (the natural kind with just peanuts & salt), bananas, carrots, some kind of healthful cereal with lots of protein & flax seeds, an ostentatiously organic chicken & bean burrito, and a Snickers bar.

Non-food purchased today: A pair of white & black athletic shoes (Nike, from the men's section of the store because the women's section didn't have my size), a pair of light blue heavy socks (women's this time), and six washcloths prettily embroidered with Halloween designs like pumpkins and skulls. I wasn't planning to go to the discount store today, but I'm glad I followed the impulse to search for shoes since today's shopping trip was surprisingly painless. I do hope the shoes fit as well as they seemed to when I was in the store.

Last remembered dream: On Halloween morning, I had a dream where a man sent me and at least one other person on missions to an alternate reality to find out what had gone wrong over there. Our job wasn't to do anything in particular; we were there to diagnose, not treat, the problem. One of the things I did over there was watch films, like an old Bogart & Bacall film that never existed in our world. Humphrey Bogart's character was rather vicious to Lauren Bacall's character, which my boss/handler/watcher later told me had been one of the first clues he'd had that something had gone wrong in that world.

"Bogart wouldn't have played a character like that in our world!"

"Oh, but he did," I corrected him. "He just never played a character who could be that nasty to Lauren Bacall."

Though I did go to several other alternate realities in that dream--against my superior's orders because I distrusted him--I don't remember much about them, except that in the last one the native language of just about everyone in the USA was something that sounded like French, which was rather inconvenient for me.

Last film watched: Chosen because of the Halloween dream: Dark Passage, which may be the least-beloved of the four Bogart-Bacall movies made in this reality, yet seems seasonally appropriate thanks to the focus on faces and what they reveal or conceal. Also, I choose to interpret the implausible events and coincidences as being driven by dream logic rather than scriptwriter's convenience.

Other DVDs seen recently: The Prestige, The Dark Crystal, and a Jeff Corwin episode about Australian bats.


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