Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 07:28 pm
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So in the dream I was living in something like a good hotel or a particularly nice dormitory--large building filled with other residents (many of whom live in my general neighborhood in waking life), but not at all spartan accommodations. As I was taking a shower, I felt what seemed to be a mild earthquake. I quickly dressed and went to a large window facing the street, where I saw Chinese soldiers advancing. The Chinese had, rather unexpectedly, taken over the USA. As far as we in the hotel/neighborhood saw, there was no violence.

The dream went on, with a group of polite, pleasant young people patiently trying to indoctrinate us, or at the very least get us used to their way of doing things. We residents weren't exactly cooperative, but we did try to be nice to the young people since they were gentle with us and were, after all, only doing their jobs. Then suddenly they all stopped in their tracks as new orders came to them through the earpieces they were wearing. One of them told us: "According to the latest computer simulations, the American army defeats the Chinese army. The new simulation is more accurate than the previous simulation, so we must accept our loss. We will leave you now." And so they did.

I have no idea what my subconscious mind was trying to communicate last night. The best I can come up with is this: Resistance Is Futile. You Will Be Simulated.

Hummingwolf Today

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 11:33 pm
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Link of the day for NaNoWriMo participants: A Litany for November, via [personal profile] supergee.

Link for my own purposes: Onion pie with lavender, bacon, and blue cheese recipe.

Now seeing: The computer monitor in front of me, with the Dreamwidth update page in IE as the active window and the usual Notepad and Solitaire windows half-seen in the background. Behind the monitor, the non-computer window's blinds are closed and reminding me that I need to do more dusting around here. Also, there's a smudge on the left lens of my glasses.

Now hearing: Typical evening background noises--computer fan running, housemate chatting on his phone downstairs, distant and easily ignored traffic noises. I'd put on music, but then I'd be too distracted to type anything.

Now feeling: The usual pain and fatigue, plus the annoyance of a stuffy nose. Less headache pain than I've had in recent weeks, though, so that's progress. I'm feeling a bit lightheaded and twitchy, but mostly okay.

Now tasting: Mint from the toothpaste & floss I just used.

Now smelling: Combination of mint and ginger with an undertone of garlic from various people's suppers. (Whatever people cook, I can probably smell in here.)

Now wearing: Lightweight light grey sweatshirt-type thing with pearly grey embroidered geometric (possibly meant to be a highly stylized floral) design, light blue jeans stained with flecks of ancient mud, white socks, dark grey men's slippers (because the women's slippers all seemed too likely to fall apart), a pair of glasses that I keep saying I need to replace soon, an ill-fitting old bra, purple cotton panties, and a a Band-Aid around my left index finger.

Miles walked today: About two.

Food purchased today: Peanut butter (the natural kind with just peanuts & salt), bananas, carrots, some kind of healthful cereal with lots of protein & flax seeds, an ostentatiously organic chicken & bean burrito, and a Snickers bar.

Non-food purchased today: A pair of white & black athletic shoes (Nike, from the men's section of the store because the women's section didn't have my size), a pair of light blue heavy socks (women's this time), and six washcloths prettily embroidered with Halloween designs like pumpkins and skulls. I wasn't planning to go to the discount store today, but I'm glad I followed the impulse to search for shoes since today's shopping trip was surprisingly painless. I do hope the shoes fit as well as they seemed to when I was in the store.

Last remembered dream: On Halloween morning, I had a dream where a man sent me and at least one other person on missions to an alternate reality to find out what had gone wrong over there. Our job wasn't to do anything in particular; we were there to diagnose, not treat, the problem. One of the things I did over there was watch films, like an old Bogart & Bacall film that never existed in our world. Humphrey Bogart's character was rather vicious to Lauren Bacall's character, which my boss/handler/watcher later told me had been one of the first clues he'd had that something had gone wrong in that world.

"Bogart wouldn't have played a character like that in our world!"

"Oh, but he did," I corrected him. "He just never played a character who could be that nasty to Lauren Bacall."

Though I did go to several other alternate realities in that dream--against my superior's orders because I distrusted him--I don't remember much about them, except that in the last one the native language of just about everyone in the USA was something that sounded like French, which was rather inconvenient for me.

Last film watched: Chosen because of the Halloween dream: Dark Passage, which may be the least-beloved of the four Bogart-Bacall movies made in this reality, yet seems seasonally appropriate thanks to the focus on faces and what they reveal or conceal. Also, I choose to interpret the implausible events and coincidences as being driven by dream logic rather than scriptwriter's convenience.

Other DVDs seen recently: The Prestige, The Dark Crystal, and a Jeff Corwin episode about Australian bats.

Saturday update

Saturday, March 12th, 2011 07:23 pm
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I was amazingly tired after my little coughing fits last night, so I went to bed around 9 p.m. and went to sleep soon after. Had an odd dream in which certain scientists working for some shadowy government agency conducted dangerous, unethical, and highly illegal experiments involving mice, squirrels, and small children in order to discover whether or not the universe was, in fact, cross-eyed. Yeah, I dunno either.

So, waking up in the real world, I began the day coughing less, which came as a relief--although I did cough up some blood-stained stuff, which I'm assuming was caused by some minor irritation caused by the coughing and not something dire and awful. (If I wake up dead tomorrow, you may feel free to tell me how stupid I was to assume such a thing.) Had a migraine in the morning bad enough to convince me to take my prescription meds, and it's possible that the meds helped with my coughing & ribcage pain as well. By afternoon I had enough energy to go to the grocery store to buy some fermented foods to get some probiotic action going in my recently-depopulated gut; and while I'm pretty sure the sauerkraut I bought has no live or active cultures in it, I've got some hope for the olives.

In other news, I remain fascinated by Prokofiev's seventh symphony.

Tonight is probably another good night to go to bed early.
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In the dream the night before last, I was looking out a car window up at a starry sky in the middle of nowhere, no lights around anywhere I could see. I was alone in the car, talking on the cell phone to my aunt who, after I complained that Mom wasn't there yet, was commiserating with me about my mother's irresponsibility. Suddenly I remembered: Mom died way back in the 1980s. What am I doing here?

Then my mind flashed back to a time in my personal timeline when I'd been a 41-year-old disabled woman who was suddenly sent back to her life nearly 30 years earlier. With all my memories intact, I'd somehow ended up in my life before my mother got cancer, right around the start of puberty, and wondering how the heck I'd gotten there. As soon as I realized where and when I was, I started making lists of people I'd known in my 30s and 40s who I thought I might want to reconnect with eventually. I wrote down approximate dates of birth, what I knew of where they were in the 1990s or later. If I could somehow avoid being disabled--maybe getting treatment for epilepsy earlier would help--then life would be different enough that eventually meeting the people I wanted to re-meet might take some work, but I had years to plan for it all. After all, the Internet wouldn't have widespread popularity for more than a decade, and some of my friends weren't even born yet. There was time.

So in the new timeline, my mother survived. I was closer to her than to Dad, which seemed strange to me given my memories of my original life, though it was understandable too, since in the timeline where he was never a single parent, he saw no particular need to retire early and spend more time with me.

(Today, thinking about the dream again, I imagine myself asking Mom a million questions I've thought of in the years since she died. I imagine her saying to 13-year-old me, "I'll tell you when you're older," and me with my extra decades of memories thinking to myself, "But I am older.")

As much as I loved my linguistics professors, I felt no need to sit through Chomskyan linguistics lectures again, so I thought about what I should focus on in high school, which questions I should ask that I'd never asked before, and what I might want to major in in college. I seem to recall leaning towards visual arts, thinking of fractals and looking forward to faster personal computers to play with. Frustratingly, it took me longer to decide on a college major than it had the last time I was in school.

(Again thinking about things that never came up in the dream: how many things have to change in the world before popular culture is affected? Would my friends and acquaintances be wondering why I sang all the wrong words to all my favorite songs?)

At a university--not the one I attended in this original timeline--I was walking down a path when I saw a younger version of a man I met in my original 2009. Seeing him was the first thing in my new life that confirmed for me that I hadn't entirely imagined my old life. I tried to think of some excuse to say something to him, but had pretty much decided to let him continue his conversation with the pretty blonde woman walking next to him when he turned in my direction and looked at me with recognition.

"You!" he said. "I remember you. We met in the future! I know that sounds--"

"Which future? Did we meet at the farmers' market?"

"Farmers' market? No, we met--"

--and that, of course, is when my alarm woke me up from the dream, so now I'll never know which alternate reality he came from, and how many years he'd spent in our newest timeline, and whether he knew any more than I did about why we were in this new world at all. And I still don't know why I was waiting for my mother in a car in the middle of nowhere.

Happy Thursday

Thursday, November 18th, 2010 09:35 pm
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Not a perfect day, but overall quite a good one. Before I get to the day itself, though, I must mention that there was a dream in which [ profile] nalidoll somehow managed to travel faster-than-light by crawling into a kitchen cupboard somewhere and crawling out of a cupboard in another kitchen in another state. Once she made it to our kitchen, Nali decided to go exploring the area for a while and I lost track of her, so I never got the chance to ask her how she managed that bit of kitchen witchery.

Anyway, back in the waking world: I walked five miles today! This was a bit of a surprise since the morning wasn't exactly a great one for me, but I'm certainly glad I had that kind of energy. Along the way, I went to a library and picked up some more videos to watch, so I've got plenty to keep me entertained after the inevitable crash.

I also went to my favorite farmers' market's last regular market of the season. Spent lots of time there, mostly chatting with vendors and trying to decide what to buy at this last market. There was a man asking people to sign their names to get the Libertarian party put back on the ballot. I'll sign to get almost any party on the ballot--the more, the merrier!--and it sounded like the man with the petition has the same attitude. I don't know if the average Libertarian has good things to say about the Green party, but this guy certainly did.

As the afternoon turned to evening, the weather was cool and breezy enough that the vendors were all wishing they'd brought more layers of clothing with them. On the other hand, there were entire families of customers standing around eating locally-made ice cream. And to be honest, if the ice cream folks had brought their pumpkin flavor today, I probably would have bought some too.

You know you've been accepted as part of the market environment when the vendors start putting you to work. Being asked to put some items into place in one of the displays wasn't too surprising, but when another vendor asked me to hold down the fort for a few minutes while she went off to do something else, I was slightly startled. I probably could have been more useful if I'd known how much she was charging for sweet potatoes...

So, my favorite farmers' market is over for the season. However, there is one farmer who plans to keep coming back as long as he can until his crops are frozen over, so I guess the farmers' market will be followed by a farmer's market. There might still be a reason for me to leave the house on Thursdays after all.

Now it's night-time, time for rest. Or possibly it's time for a movie. How does Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog sound to you?


Friday, July 16th, 2010 05:34 am
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So I had this dream that the world was predicted to end within a few hours. But then the supposed time of the end came--and passed--and I was relieved even though I hadn't quite believed the prediction in the first place, and other people were uncertain because they had believed and weren't convinced that their lives on Earth were not coming to an end.

The earthquake that woke me up from the dream is currently thought to be a 3.6.

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Monday, June 1st, 2009 10:14 am
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For what seems a long time now I've had no memorable dreams--a few fragmentary thoughts or feelings might remain after waking, but nothing I could hold on to. A few nights ago this changed, apparently because I had decided it needed to. Unfortunately, the dreams I've been having have not been pleasant ones. Full of kidnappings, killings, random acts of violence and enforced helplessness, they have assuredly not been the kinds of dreams I'd hoped for.

Last night after starting awake with one dream of random victimization replaying in my mind, I decided to rewrite the story as I went back to sleep. My next dream had nothing to do with the previous one. Instead, it involved a happy fun contest in which a stuffed animal would be picked at random to go to a school of its choice for free. My stuffed Easter rabbit won the drawing and had the chance to go to cooking school!

Arbitrariness is much more palatable when it involves scholarships for stuffed bunnies.
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Now wearing: Old-looking blue jeans, brighter blue mock turtleneck (or something), white socks, brown & silver shoes, old glasses I really need to do something about, and boring underwear.

Now hearing: Well, I would like to say it's my personalized Launchcast station; but that was discontinued a month ago, so I couldn't possibly be listening to that, right? ("Kuos" by Banco de Gaia.)

Now seeing: Computer screen as I sit here trying to think of what to type. Shifting my eyes to the left, I see a grey day out the window. The tree nearest the window is just starting to put out little green leaflets, which will soon grow into bigger leaves, which will provide food for what may be a massive infestation of Eastern tent caterpillars. I never wrote about those last spring, but I was utterly fascinated with those fuzzy guys in their teeming thousands as they took about three days to defoliate the old tree. Since both tree and caterpillars are native species, they do have a working relationship: tree puts out a set of leaves, caterpillars munch on them, tree mopes for a while, then tree puts out more leaves. Here's hoping the tree is healthy enough to put out an entire second set of leaves this year if it has to.

Now smelling: One of the spicier herbal teas from Celestial Seasonings. ("Not Yet Remembered" by Harold Budd playing on my nonexistent station.)

Now tasting: See above.

Now feeling: Sleepier than I should be, but less headachy than I have been.

Last meal eaten: Egg substitute, mushrooms, mashed potatoes, onions, and corn fried in olive oil & topped with Swiss cheese.

Pie eaten on Pi Day last week: Bacon and onion quiche (store-bought).

Beverage drunk to excess on St. Patrick's Day: Green tea.

Are there more of my kind? Possibly: see here for possible evidence.

Number of library books currently checked out: Hmm... four returned yesterday, three checked out, so... nine.

Wasn't there some New Year's resolution about reading all those books you bought last year? Um, yes. (Now playing: The Police, "Driven to Tears.")

Now reading: M.M. Manring, Slave in a Box: The Strange Career of Aunt Jemima. Marketing, racism, sexism--what's not to love? You gotta admit, the 1919 advertisement titled "The Cook whose Cabin Became More Famous than Uncle Tom's" has a certain undeniable OH AUNT JEMIMA NO quality to it.

Speaking of racism... O HAI RACEFAILZ: Notes on Reading an Internet Conflict.

Mutant joke of the week: Two Cows: SF Version (see both the comments there and the original post; link via [ profile] supergee). (Now playing: Underworld, "Dirty Epic (Dirty Guitar Mix).")

Cuteness of the week: On Monday as I was walking down the alley, a wee child with whiskers on his face and his father (or guardian) were in one of the back yards I passed. I soon discovered that the little boy had a tall paper hat--he was the Cat in the Hat! The father said, "Apparently it was a very exciting day in school today. Who knew?"

Synchronicity: That night's House, M.D. episode had a cat as a major character.

Last TV show watched: Wednesday night's episode of Lie to Me.

Dream of the week: The one featuring Dean & Sam Winchester and Castiel. Mmm... Castiel.

How much TV do you really need to watch? Less than I have been watching lately.

Miles walked today: Probably a little over two. I wasn't feeling terribly ambitious (and now it's Sting, "Love Is the Seventh Wave").

Have you anything else to say? Not that I've managed to think of in the last few minutes (Liane Foly, "Des Heures Hindoues").

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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008 04:05 pm
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All the good guys from Buffy the Vampire Slayer were teaming up to fight the new season's mysterious villain. Rumors around the internet were that, for some crazy reason, Joss Whedon had decided that the Big Bad would be named Nicolae Carpathia--which happens to be the name of the Antichrist in the absurdly popular Left Behind series of novels (ably critiqued by Slacktivist each Friday). Those rumors were never confirmed, alas, as the dream ended abruptly halfway through the story arc due to the WGA writer's strike.

If all my dreams from now on are stupid reality shows, I am going to be so very upset.
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Aaaagh! It's November 18 already and I'm so far behind on MegaPoMo entries! How can I possibly catch up by the end of the month? Aaaaaaaghhh!

Yes, I'm panicking just like all the NaNoWriMo folks out there--just like them indeed, aside from the fact that MegaPoMo doesn't require any actual writing or anything else resembling work (unless you count my editorial process; but if that doesn't count for NaNoWriMo, why would it count for me?).

Anyway, I'm still here, I'm still tired, I'm still planning to respond to comments one of these days unless I decide to just thank everybody en masse (thank you!). I did manage to walk approximately 3.25 miles today, so I'm not a complete slug, even if it is nearly impossible to keep my eyes open (even while walking).

Have you ever had one of those days when you're rummaging through your book collection looking for something else and you suddenly realize rather to your surprise that you own a copy of E.M.W. Tillyard's slim volume, The Elizabethan World Picture? Yeah, it's a day of odd findings.

During one of several naps today, there was a dream of vampires--a dim-witted pop-cultural kind that tries to convert or kill its entire food supply--surrounding a small group of live humans who intended to fight to the death. The vampires were stronger and more numerous, so in the end there were two humans, another woman and I, trapped inside a tiny grey wooden house one or both of us must have called home since the vamps couldn't get in without invitation. Unfortunately, my partner in the struggle to survive was going even more stir-crazy than I was, very much wanting to get outside and get some fresh air no matter what the risk. At one point a group of pleasant-seeming people came to the door and talked reasonably with us, while the woman inside with me was clearly overcome by some strong emotion, or nausea, or something not quite identifiable. I suddenly realized that I had fallen asleep at some point and had no idea whether she'd gone outside or not, whether she was still human or not. So I did what I felt I had to do and took this deadly yet frighteningly easy-to-use weapon we had (it sliced off people's heads cleanly, quickly, and from a distance) and beheaded her and everyone else within range. And ended the dream confined to a tiny house in a world where I couldn't trust anybody, including myself.

Some dreams are good to wake up from.

'Tis the last red berries
darkening, but did you come to harm. She called
to see where the vampires feast
the abundance of food with
dislike and then kiss you more.

The "last red berries" is a reference to drops of blood on the necks of the last victims in the world, isn't it? Well, that's what stupid pop-cultury type vampires get for wiping out their entire food supply. Haven't those guys ever heard of sustainable agriculture?

Little bits

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007 02:46 pm
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As someone who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia many moons ago, who has spent much time perusing various and sundry books at the library with purported cures for all that ails me, I must say that now I've got a new diagnosis, I'm a bit disappointed by the quality of the books they have on hand for seizure disorders. There are no books in stock guaranteeing complete seizure freedom in 30 days. Where are my quacks? Where are the tomes promising a cure if I'll just take these twenty-five herbs, eat a high-tofu diet, and pray toward the author's bank account seven times a day? All the books keep saying things like "Take your medicine, be careful, and follow your doctor's instructions." Where's the fun in that? (Don't worry: I'm taking my medicine, being as careful as I've ever been, and following doctor's orders.)

In case anyone's wondered about my mental state recently: In the normal course of my day, I often find myself saying cheerfully, "I have epilepsy!" Even though the only noticeable effect of Depakote so far is that it reduces my migraine pain, I'm looking forward to finding out how many of the little daily annoyances and disabilities I've had to deal with all these years can be made to go away. Oh, I've also got one of those party-pooper voices in my head saying "There are people who don't get helped by these anti-seizure treatments, you know," but I'm ignoring that voice and taking the headache improvement as a good sign.


In dream news: Today's nap featured two investigators (played by Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard) and their assistants (played by Seth Green and, erm, me) trying to unravel a mystery involving both supernatural horror and a fantabulous time machine. Something tells me that if I'd managed to sleep a few minutes longer, Anthony Stewart Head would have made an appearance.


In weather news: Lovely, lovely thunderstorm today, followed by sunshine turning all the world into a diamond-studded display piece. Since I wasn't trying to cross any busy streets while it was raining, I enjoyed it much more than yesterday's show. One thing I do appreciate about summer heat is that it makes the approach of a cold front much more exciting.
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You know those anxiety dreams everybody has? The dreams like the one where you're in school, say, and you've just found out that you have an exam in five minutes in a class you'd forgotten you were supposed to be taking and if you don't pass it you will FAIL at LIFE with no chance of repentance, no opportunity for clemency? I don't have those dreams. Not a single one. Ever since sometime in the nineties, I have had, instead, dreams in which I suddenly realize that tomorrow is the last scheduled day of classes, I haven't been to class since the beginning of the semester, I don't even know who all my professors are--and it doesn't matter. All of the professors are kind and understanding, they all recognize that circumstances have made things difficult, and they all are willing to wait as long as it takes until I am finally able to do the work that was supposed to be done. No matter how stressful my life has been on the outside, in my dreams, at least, there has been acknowledgement that patience is necessary.

Since the latest diagnosis, my dreams have taken a different turn. I have had one dream that I remember clearly and another half-remembered one where it's been made clear to me that some assignments will be due soon and I need to get working. This still isn't the standard hectic anxiety dream, but it is a dream involving a deadline and an implied threat. Is this my subconscious mind's way of saying that it believes my limitations will be reduced soon and I'll be able to tolerate the levels of subconscious nagging everybody else has to deal with? If so, that's kinda nifty, in a perverse sort of way.

One of my other recent dreams was a rarity for me--a nightmare. This one involved people being tortured and small, furry animals feeding off the--
no, you're quite right, you really don't want to know. Anyway, the man directing the torture was Detective Tritter from this last season of House, M.D., though he seemed to be working for the Initiative from Buffy season 4, which means that one single dream managed to combine pain, adorable animals, and really crappy story arcs from two otherwise entertaining TV shows. Buffy the Vampire Slayer did recover from that one substandard season (though I know some of you think some later season was worse); but I have substantially less faith in the writers of House, possibly because the writers of House are the folks trying to convince us that a character who is in genuine, chronic, incurable pain for perfectly valid reasons; has been prescribed pain medication in accordance with best practices (at least as far as anyone on staff can tell); and has proven that he functions much better when he's got some kind of pain relief, is somehow a bad person because he wants to keep taking the drugs rather than go cold turkey and endure more pain for no good reason. (The previous sentence did not spoil the latest season of House, by the way, since the writers have apparently been compelled to pull this stuff every half-dozen or so episodes since the series began.)

I really do miss the Joss Whedon shows. I said as much in comments at [ profile] house_md recently, mentioning that I'd like Charisma Carpenter, J. August Richards, and Alexis Denisof to appear on the show. "I don't think they should be ducklings, necessarily, but people House can bounce ideas off of who are capable of restraining him when he loses his soul is about to do something stupid..."

Speaking of bright doctors doing stupid things, I was looking through some of my old medical records and saw in a neurologist's notes in early 1995 that "She [me] will have an EEG for possible partial complex seizures." This never happened. After my father died two months later, the doctor decided that all my health problems must be related to my reaction to Dad's death--in spite of the fact that my health problems had begun several years earlier and my father died from meningitis, which isn't exactly what you'd call a chronic disease of long duration. I do wonder how different life would be now if the neurologist had listened to me after that point. Maybe nothing would have shown up on the EEG back then anyway; maybe nothing major would be all that different now. I still have to wonder, though.

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Sunday, May 13th, 2007 11:33 pm
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In the dream a group of people appeared almost as if from nowhere, strangers to the area who brought with them a promise. They would sell you one special item or service--a new one on sale each time they visited--for the price, apparently, of one small dream. The first time they came round, I didn't quite catch the details of their offer, so I couldn't quite tell if they wanted to hear about a specific type of dream you'd had, or if they somehow had a way of taking a dream from you so it wouldn't be a part of you anymore. And I couldn't quite tell if they meant the common variety of dream you have at night, or one of the other kind of dream, the deepest longings you cherish for your life.

Because I hadn't been paying attention the first time, simply refusing the offer outright, I really had no way of knowing if what they sold could possibly be worth the price. The people around me who had bought the first week's special all seemed happy with what they'd gotten out of the bargain. When the strangers came by the second time, the offer sounded more enticing, but even though I'd thought I was listening, I still didn't manage to catch the details. I still had no clear idea what part of themselves people had so willingly given up. So I turned to the salesman closest to me as he sat smiling in a kitchen chair, and I asked him to please tell me again, very specifically, what the asking price was.

He beamed at me, happy to see the known skeptic looking closer at the bait. "Well, isn't this a surprise!" he dimpled as he leaned back in the chair, folding his hands over his belly and preparing to launch into his spiel. This time as he spoke, I listened. I listened very closely. And even though I was paying his words as much attention as I could as he talked and talked and talked and talked, the only thing in all his verbiage that I was certain was really part of the answer to my question was this: "Thursday." He was still talking when I woke up.

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Saturday, February 10th, 2007 03:41 pm
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There's an old wives' tale that says if you die in a dream, you'll never wake up. Well, of course it isn't true. I was killed this week, shot to death in a blaze of explosive, bleeding glory, and I've felt fine ever since.

But last night when I went to the bathroom in a dream house, I looked in the mirror and saw no one there. I'm still alive in the waking world, but am I undead in my dreams?


Wednesday, January 31st, 2007 04:59 pm
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If you have to get up early, it is nice when you get the chance to walk in morning light as lovely as yesterday's light. I really do like the beauties of the morning world; I just don't like having to wake up early enough to experience them. But I do remember being a morning person, once upon a time a long long time ago when the world was young. Anyway, yesterday a.m. was a lovely, cool spring winter January morning and it was reasonably good to be alive.

Unfortunately, I had someplace to be, I had taken too long dodging the morning obstacles housemates, and I was rather later than I had intended. So, unfortunately, I ran part of the way to the Metro station. I say "unfortunately" because, while I do quite well when it comes to walking round the neighborhood, running abuses muscles in a rather different way, not to mention the nasty things it can do to one's knees. In spite of the burst of speed, I still got to the station just in time to miss the train I'd wanted to catch. Still, the next train might get me to my intermediate destination in time to catch the bus I needed--or so I thought. In all honesty, I'm not sure how I managed to miss that bus, but miss it I did. Since the bus line was one of those rush-hour-only sorts of things, he next bus on this route would be in about six hours. There was a county bus route that looked like it might conceivably get me to the office, but I only had a Metro SmartPass with me, which the county buses don't (yet) have the ability to accept. I called the SSA office, asked someone there if they knew of any other ways for me to get to the office, and was nearly convinced that I wouldn't be able to make this appointment at all.

There should be a law requiring all Social Security offices, social services offices, and other things for poor people to be located in places with good bus service, dang it.
More blathering. )

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Friday, December 29th, 2006 10:34 am
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The last dream I had before waking up this morning was long, vivid, and detailed, so I did want to try to remember it--but then I got distracted by the fact that one of the main characters looked familiar, so I spent precious time trying to remember who he was and forgot the main parts of the dream. So now I'm left with the question: What was Alton Brown doing in my dream and why wasn't he cooking anything?

After I woke up, the first living thing I saw was a raccoon lying with its head stuck down the neighbors' chimney. It's always fun to start the day with a raccoon sighting.

Reading other people's proposed New Year's resolutions reminds me that I, for a change, made a few private ones at the beginning of this year. Thinking back, I did keep them long enough to recognize that I needed to try a different approach instead, but various stresses kept me too distracted to decide what that new approach might be. Something to think about in the next few days.

I've been worse than usual at eating fruits & vegetables lately, so maybe I'll resolve to eat at least five carrots per week or something silly like that. While the tea I drink so much of may be a good source of antioxidants, I don't think it's quite good enough.

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Saturday, November 11th, 2006 08:53 pm
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After all yesterday's crazy walking, today was a day for sleeping, reading, resting, and coughing. Rather too much coughing and probably not enough sleeping, though the warm wind blowing through the window did bring me vivid dream or two. Everything after this point is just another LiveJournal dream post which you probably want to skip over.

Just a dream. )


Monday, October 23rd, 2006 10:26 pm
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Morning annoyance: Telemarketers who know they cannot legally call the housemates' cell phones, so they find out what landlines are associated with this address (the landlord's line and mine) and call us instead. It's bad enough when I get spam calls meant for me and all my dead relatives--I don't need everybody else's junk phone too.

Flashback: When I cued up the "Come Closer" mash-up this morning, Trent & the Beatles sounded like someone was playing their LPs at 16 RPM. I had no idea Windows Media Player could even do that. Freaky.

Fun link: Klingon Pumpkin Carving, via [ profile] windsparrow.

Jeepers! Via [ profile] musesfool: There are crazy people on my Internets. The problem isn't that someone fell in love with a fictional character. I could respect that. The problem is that if the fictional character were real, he would need a restraining order.

And via comments in that thread: Meet Mrs. Berlin Wall. I might have less trouble with this if I thought there were any chance of the relationship being consensual.

Feeling a bit better: I actually got out and did stuff today. Not sure how much the bureaucratic stuff will help, but at least I used my birthday gift card to buy underwear and socks.

Dream from last night: It seemed to be some kind of holodeck simulation. In front of me at some distance was a large, old building, red and white, stretched between stands of trees to my left and right. It could have been a mansion, but it was more likely a museum or a municipal building. I was standing in a structure like a glass-and-metal bus shelter situated in the middle of a large field, with a forest in the distance behind me. Closer to me was a mob, composed of both men and women, mostly white but with other races mixed in, all of them armed with rocks or flamethrowers or other such things you'd expect from a mob about to storm a castle. I wasn't interested in this kind of entertainment that night, but as there seemed to be nothing I could do about it, I watched in morbid fascination as they all surged forward toward that building, shouting about the heretics inside and how they all deserved to die. I thought to myself that at least this wasn't real, at least they couldn't hurt me--and then some few in the crowd noticed me and turned toward me, letting me know in no uncertain terms that because I did not join them in their destruction, they were going to burn me for a heretic too. I asked if they couldn't tell I was pregnant. They knew, and they did believe that the baby growing inside me was an innocent life, but they were quite willing to kill the child and any other guiltless parties in order to destroy heretics like me.

And now I want to set something on fire. It's cold in here.

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Wednesday, October 18th, 2006 03:43 pm
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Sunny day, with bright blue skies and temperatures in the mid-70s. While the tree outside my window is still green, other trees have dropped enough leaves to create a spicy-scented brown carpet in the yard, on the sidewalk, in the street.

And me? I'm dizzy and sniffling and sleepy. When I breathe deeply, my left lung yells at me. Yes, [ profile] lyssabard was probably right when she said you needed shots after using the privies at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Or maybe getting shots before using them would have been more helpful.

So anyway, I made some chicken soup today. Cut to spare the vegetarians' sensibilities. )

That was lunch and will probably be supper too. Aside from that, my only real plan for the rest of the day is rest. There is some stuff that really, really needs to be done--but my body's telling me pretty clearly that that stuff is going to have to wait. Here's hoping I'm feeling better by Friday at the latest.

In dreams last night, someone cursed my stuffed animals so they kept biting me. The white bunny a friend gave me one Easter was particularly vicious. Fortunately, the animals had no power of locomotion, so I was okay as long as I didn't get too close. A bunch of friends helped me get the toys to a safe place while we all tried to figure out how to lift the curse (I think we decided the critters needed to be cleaned. Especially that bunny).

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Tuesday, October 17th, 2006 08:18 pm
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My plans to do lots of things early this week were a bit overoptimistic.

Apparently, chomping down on pizza last week was the wrong approach. I should have gone for the chicken soup. Fortunately, I managed to drag myself out of bed and into the grocery store tonight, so I can cook myself some chicken & sweet potato soup in the morning with loads of kale and as much garlic as I can stand. With luck, I'll be able to do a few other things tomorrow while I'm at it. With less luck, I'll at least have chicken soup and plenty of reading material.

I am increasingly grateful for the ability to renew library books from the comfort of home.

Last night in dreams, I went to campus administration to cancel all my classes for the semester. My father was there annoying me immensely, but at least I had the good grace not to remind him that he's been dead for over a decade. In return, he was kind enough not to remind me I haven't attended university since the very early '90s.

Also in my dreams there was a cat, one of the slenderer breeds, with beautiful, deep green fur. I want one. I don't want to have to pay a mad geneticist to create one combining feline and broccoli DNA, but I still want one.

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Wednesday, October 11th, 2006 01:03 pm
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Spent lots of time yesterday running hither and yon for medical & bureaucratic reasons before finally collapsing on a bus stop bench and reading while the sun set. The Miles Vorkosigan books still seem to be exactly what I need to read now. I wonder what I'll do once I've gone through all the ones the library's got?

I had a dream recently where [ profile] gurdonark, [ profile] mystified13, and [ profile] verian all got together to collaborate on some music. As dream situations go, that one has to be one of the least unlikely I've seen lately, even if Verian and Mystified don't have each other on their friends lists.

Silly astrology stuff--this week's horoscopes from Free Will Astrology:Read more... )

So I'm advised to be unbalanced and ungrounded this week, eh? Well, I'll do what I can!

Note to anyone who has ever used Launchcast: the free usage limit has been increased from 450 songs per month to 3000 per month. Woo!

If communities were people, I'd be telling [ profile] tuesdaywalk and [ profile] urban_nature that they should get to know each other, 'cos even with their differences, I think they'd get along really well. Then when they feel comfortable with each other, they could hold parties and invite [ profile] sunsetpictures and [ profile] iamthelorax and [ profile] buried_in_green and maybe even [ profile] hummingbirders. But they're not really people, so I'll just have to dream.

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Saturday, October 7th, 2006 11:55 am
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So, Friday was my birthday, and as a gift to myself I decided to sleep in. Had a most excellent dream, too. Well, I suppose the part where there was an epic battle between good and evil with tyranny and mass slaughter was less than fun, but see, there was this man--a man who looked about my age, give or take a few years, but in reality had hundreds of years of experience
with pain relief. Man, was he ever good.

Oh yes, he was also enough of a mind-reader for a knowing smile to appear on his face every time I watched him pass by. I admit, the ability to ease pain wasn't his only appealing feature... still, given how I felt when I woke up in the morning, it was the analgesic properties of his hands that I missed the most. ::sigh::

(Unusually, the man's face has stuck with me. Most people in my dreams either have utterly bland faces, or they resemble people I recognize in the waking world. This face was both distinctive and unfamiliar. Odd, that.)

Anyway, turning 37 was boring and relatively uneventful, though I did finally manage to get through to my doctor's office. Also took a walk in the rain, which was less than fun thanks to the, y'know, pain. Went to bed early.

Today: Felt better than yesterday, though still pretty tired. Read a bit. Had an epiphany which produced gales of silent laughter and a resolve to keep doing what I was planning on doing anyway. The day also included various short but fun conversations with housemates, a short walk (longer than yesterday's), lots of music, not nearly enough caffeine, whichever syndicated SF-type shows happened to be on TV when I flicked it on, and bits of chocolate-covered cheesecake. Not the most exciting Saturday ever, but it certainly could have been worse.

Even though I've been sleeping a lot, I'm tired enough that I have no idea how much of the above is in grammatical English. My apologies if I've been speaking Gweurpiurghh again.

Note to self

Saturday, October 2nd, 2004 09:57 pm
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The little girl seemed to belong to my brother's friend, so I figured she was in good hands and didn't stop to talk to her as I ran out to catch the bus. It was only after I helped take over the bus and woke up from the dream that I realized she was a much younger and unhappier version of me. I wonder how I got the black eye?

In the dream during my nap, someone left a message on my answering machine which I could barely hear. The only thing I was sure of was that the number the woman told me to call was my own.

Later, awake, watching the day's Angel rerun, one of those telemarketing machines left a message on my own machine. As I started to replay the message as a prelude to erasing it, I realized that the marketer's machine told my machine that its name was my own.

Note to myself: If I have something to say to me, I just need to say it already. I should know by now that I'm not good at playing these games.

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Friday, September 3rd, 2004 05:21 am
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So someone convinced me to join them on a journey where we'd be conveyed across oceans by these little personalized balloons attached to Mary Poppinsish umbrellas (of course it made perfect sense in the dream). I hadn't been sure of the safety of these contraptions myself, but my companion finally convinced me and we both paid our fees. My balloon filled with the gas more slowly than the other and I was cautious at first about where I was flying. The other person laughed at me for my overcarefulness, sure that nothing could possibly go wrong.

The balloon carrying me was suddenly whirled up in the air by a draft from somewhere, whirled up into a moving ceiling fan which popped it. As I hung in the air like some cartoon character who had just found himself hanging over the edge of a cliff, calling out to my companion for help, the other person began to berate me, saying they knew this would happen if the likes of me should ever be trusted with a balloon and since I hadn't taken proper precautions (ones which they had not seen fit to take themselves), it would serve me right to crash onto the ground.

And now that I'm awake I keep thinking how much I hate that feeling just before I'm about to fall.

Need to go back to sleep so I can wake up during business hours and call lots of people about safety nets.

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Wednesday, September 1st, 2004 09:43 pm
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Last night I had this dream where a bunch of people who played werewolves on a TV show with a cast of hundreds were detained and questioned because the government had found out that someone had brought flax seeds into the building. I was the person who had eaten the seeds, but naturally I didn't want to admit that as I had no wish to be jailed for my food choices, so I went to the bathroom and spent a long time brushing the last bits of the seeds from my teeth. When I came out, I learned that all of the werewolves had been allowed to leave, which relieved me greatly even though the police had put up fliers everywhere detailing the personality profile of the kind of person who'd be dealing with weird substances like flax seeds (it was a cute little profile, looking rather a lot like an especially detailed Quizilla quiz, and pretty much off-target). I caught up with the other actors and showed off the fact that, unlike them, I actually was a werewolf and could shapeshift at will. It was cool.

After I woke up, I went to see a psychiatrist.

My banana yogurt this evening has flax seeds in it.

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Friday, August 27th, 2004 08:04 am
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Woke up from a dream featuring the Police song "I Burn for You" (from the Brimstone and Treacle soundtrack, which also included Sting's first solo single, "Spread a Little Happiness"). I suspect it will be distracting me all day, this song. It's done that to me before.

Dream also had the line, "She genuinely wants to be honest, but reality keeps getting in the way." Sounds catty in isolation, yet it wasn't at all. I may provide context later. (Edit: Most important bit of context: Someone I knew about a decade ago, played part in dream. And now I really need to get myself moving.) For now, I need to get myself moving, hopefully so I can do one of the eighty zillion things that need to be done.

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004 07:10 am
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Dreams last night were filled with animals, which wouldn't have been a bad thing if one hadn't been a cute kitten which, thanks to the wonders of time travel, ended up dying twice. At least I was aware enough to provide the poor guy with some comfort the second time. There was also a large cat who I'd thought was a bobcat at first, though as it turns out it probably was a she and not named "Bob" at all. That cat seemed rather to want to kill me--it said something in plain English about chasing me as soon as it got rid of the overly friendly pig it was holding who seemed to think that being caught in the grip of one of Earth's most efficiently-designed predators was a great thing and all it wanted to do was turn around and give the big cat a big hug.

Yes, last night's dreams mostly could have been taken from the dangerous middle parts of Disney movies where you're still sort of wondering how they'll reach the delightful comic wrap-up at the end. I still wish the kitten hadn't had to die.

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Friday, April 30th, 2004 09:44 am
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The featured image from last night's dreams is a plate of food superglued to a wall. The glue was necessary to keep the plate hanging, but no glue was needed for the food. As silly as putting food on a wall may be, looking at it was preferable to eating it. I'm one of those people whose dreams feature all the senses in their living glory (no black & white, taste-free, smell-free dreams for me), but last night I rather wished I wasn't. Several of you LJ folks were there, so if you've got indigestion this morning and you didn't know why, now you know. At least [ profile] daisydumont and [ profile] iresprite brought books with them to take our minds off the food.

As for me, I had a migraine when I woke up Wednesday morning which lasted all the way through yesterday. The pain itself wasn't so bad (there is such a thing as a mild migraine; this wasn't mild, wasn't severe either), but the dizziness was at times fairly spectacular. Am feeling better this morning, so that's a plus.

Been having many thoughts lately which little thought engineers in my brain have tried to put together into trains they can send rolling along established tracks. I suspect a new railway will have to be built, maybe even a new train service to compete with old ones. I also suspect that some of these thoughts would be better off being put out to sea in little boats or attached to dandelion fluff to float where they will and land where they must. We'll see what happens.

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004 10:35 am
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A friend's tri-color kitten became part of a team of kittens whose job was to row boats by moving little tiny oars with their mouths. My friend felt guilty about letting her do so much work, in spite of the fact that she was getting vacation pay(?). So my friend decided to keep a watchful eye on the kitten while simultaneously doing some work of his own, writing an article for Smithsonian magazine with full-color photos of kittens rowing their boats.

I have no idea where my subconscious thought it was going, but that may have been my cutest dream ever.

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Friday, February 6th, 2004 12:09 pm
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The one thing I remember from last night's dreams is that the contestants on The Apprentice suddenly had their goal change from profit-making and pleasing Donald Trump to "Christlikeness and suffering-servanthood."

No matter what your viewing habits or religious beliefs, imagine this: A group of young, attractive, highly ambitious people, some of whom have been gleefully stabbing each other in the back on camera, are suddenly told one morning, "Today your task will be a bit different. We are going to see just how adaptable you are. Instead of making the most money you can or getting the best deals on needed supplies, your job is to be humble, to put others first, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your first task this morning will be to wash each other's feet in humility and grace. After that, each team must design and implement a plan for demonstrating love and service to a suffering world. Your success in this task will not be measured in numbers. Your day's activities will be evaluated by a team of men and women you've never heard of who spend their days quietly working with folks who are poor, sick, or in prison. Your evaluators want me to stress that they will not be evaluating your motives, since only Almighty God can know what's in your hearts. But they will be looking carefully at all that you do today and watching to see which team does the best job of helping those in need, demonstrating meekness, acting with mercy, making peace, even turning the other cheek if that's necessary--in short, which team best exemplifies the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

"I'm leaving now to negotiate a multimillion-dollar deal. I'll see you all back here at five. Good luck."

Is it so very wrong of me to get all giggly every time I think about this?

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Friday, January 30th, 2004 05:04 pm
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Last night, as I was lying in bed pondering which actions I needed to take next, an invisible ghost tried to suffocate me with a pillow. I tried to kick the person sleeping next to me so they'd wake up and help me, but I couldn't find the strength to kick that hard. Then I woke up wondering why I was still having trouble breathing. Man, I hate colds; but at least the cold inspired a nightmare that's a change of pace from the usual bad-people-breaking-in dreams.

In the waking world, the new plan is to torture my home computer with the screwdriver a Penguin gifted me with and see if I can make it (the computer) talk. Or something like that. Wish me luck!

The biggest problem with not having a working computer at home is that I still have the urge to turn on something electronic and look at pictures on the screen. As a general rule, this is a bad habit when there's a television set in the room, though I admit I really liked what I've seen of Tru Calling and I was somewhat amused by The Apprentice.

Okay, I should probably go home again while it's still lightish outside--walking on icy streets in full darkness is not the best of all possible ideas. Have a great weekend, all.

Still computerless

Wednesday, January 21st, 2004 12:48 pm
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I watched the State of the Union speech last night. I watched the Democratic response too. Please help me.

Sometimes when I'm observing some cultural event, I imagine myself explaining it to someone from the past, usually Abraham Lincoln for some reason. Abe had to go without last night though, because for some reason I ended up showing the speeches and the nightly news to my parents from 20 years ago, back when they were good solid Reagan Republicans, and explaining it all to them. It was interesting explaining why Afghanistan rated mention in the speech while the Evil Empire wasn't so much as a blip. It was awkward trying to explain the advertisements to Mom and Dad. And I completely failed to come up with a good explanation for Michael Jackson.

I couldn't tell them why I was interested in talking to them twenty years later, or even who I was. I think Mom suspected. How can you tell your parents that they're dead?

In other news, I dreamed last night that I took a very powerful drug, but was disappointed to find that all it did to me was make me excessively thirsty. I realized later on that it had also given me the ability to speak to animals and plants and understand what they had to say to me, but I wasn't sure if that was a magical ability conferred by the drug or vivid hallucinations. I wonder what the dream was trying to say? The only major drug in my life these days is caffeine--I'm not even taking prescriptions or OTC stuff otherwise. Then again, it could conceivably be related to my Internet activity, but what possible relationship could there be? I mean, the Internet gives me the ability to talk with bears, bunnies, daisies, dandelions, monkeys, penguins... erm.

Again I say, please help.
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Three images I remember from my dreams:

A reference book. A really, really cool reference book. It was a combination unabridged dictionary, almanac, and collection of essays on assorted subjects, liberally illustrated with photographs and paintings. I had so much fun reading this book in my dream, and reading aloud to everyone around me (the fact that people stuck around me to listen to the reading and watch me point at pretty pictures proves that this was a dream).

In another dream, I walked from the closest shopping mall to a shopping mall much farther away. Why my brain picked shopping malls for landmarks I don't know--it's not as if I've been buying anything at the malls lately. It was a good walk, though.

And, as my subconscious mind decided to return to the classics, I dreamed that I was standing in the middle of a highway naked, though I did have a towel which could keep me partially covered. Was trying to get from the median strip to a store where friends were working (and had clothes ready for me) without getting arrested.

Woke up to find a leetle bit of snow outside. Other parts of the area have enough white stuff for schools to close [edit: not sure any schools actually closed, but it sounds like some openings should have been delayed and weren't], but here it looks as if some cosmic chef decided to sprinkle a little confectioner's sugar on us. Oh, I hear from the radio that the problem isn't the snow so much as a thin layer of ice everywhere, making driving hazardous. That makes sense. A few more flakes are drifting down, not very determined to do anything once they get here.

Mild headache. After an hour & a half of wakefulness, I have nothing more to report.
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yes, I really am still alive, though I'm having some trouble believing it.

Aside from the occasional dream about vampires, cannibals, or talking peanuts, my dreams are usually about typical doings of my daily life: I dream about going to the grocery store, reading LJ, riding the bus, etc. So the fact that in most of my recent dreams I've been too sleep-deprived to do anything remotely interesting should tell you something about my waking life. The sleep-dep. hallucinations haven't even been all that fun this week, sadly. And for those who insist on writing to my ISP e-mail address rather than the Yahoo address, I have once again gone an entire week without downloading the mail there. At this point I'm scared about what I might find over there. (Yes, I'm chicken--you are what you eat and I'm not a vegetarian this week, okay?)

In good news, I received a care package this week from [ profile] snowmerlin with books and teas, candles and Easter candies, as well as a CD of tunes compiled by [ profile] penguinboi. Many thanks to both of these guys! Much coolness.

Okay then. Am now going to attempt to take my mind off of a developing infection by reading one of the books scattered around the place. Have a most excellent weekend, everyone!


Thursday, July 17th, 2003 11:39 pm
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Aside from the usual pain, exhaustion, near-blackouts, and lack of snuggles, there's another reason my mood wasn't so great today.

In the last dream I remember before waking up, I was staying at the house of some people in the country. It was near lunchtime (in the dream) and I was a wee bit peckish, so the two guys I was talking to suggested I look around in the fridge for something and help myself. I rummaged around a little, found some meat that looked promising, microwaved it, and began to eat.

As I ate, the guys were discussing how they handled death in their part of the country, what happens to the bodies of their loved ones. Specifically, they spoke of what they'd done with the body of their recently-deceased grandmother.

You know where the story goes after that, right?

So I woke up kinda sick to my stomach and have had trouble eating enough to stay upright. Bleah. Good thing I've been eating more like a vegetarian this week anyway. I ended up walking to the grocery store this evening, though, and buying some vegetarian spinach nuggets. They may not be the cheapest food I could buy, but at least they don't taste like Grandma (unless your Grandma is a green leafy vegetable).

In other news, if you've sent any e-mail to my ISP account, I'm sorry--that account hasn't been checked lately thanks to unpredictable connections and too much Taiwanese spam. Hopefully I'll get the messages within the next two days or so.

In other other news which isn't really news at all, the guys in Underworld may now wish to deny all involvement with their poppy albums from the '80s, but I still love 'em.

Mr. Peanut

Sunday, July 13th, 2003 08:49 am
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After being saved from certain death by crushing--after being rescued at the last minute from being turned to powder underneath the wheels of a swivel chair in the kitchen--a grateful peanut sat on a sheet of the Sunday comics and told us about its life. It told us of great escapes, hiding in the fields from animals both wild and domestic (it was a very old peanut). It told us of years spent fighting for the right to vote (it tended to vote for Southerners out of solidarity, though it would vote for a Northerner if conscience prompted it). It told us how it had not always been popular with the other peanuts, but it loved its fellow peanut all the same. And then finally it put on sunglasses (so it wouldn't be recognized), said its goodbyes, and walked away down the dark city streets.

That was definitely one of my sillier dreams.


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