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hummingwolf ([personal profile] hummingwolf) wrote2016-11-12 10:54 am

Letter from Toronto

Lessons for Americans from the city that elected Rob Ford

"Dear Americans,

"Hello from Toronto. We promise not to be smarmy or condescending.

"It's just that we have some experience electing a uniquely unqualified bigoted demagogue whose stunted emotional maturity and tenuous grasp of reality caused people to fear for things they held dear. But while we can't pretend that our late former mayor was ever nearly as terrifying as your president-elect, there are sufficient similarities that it may be worth comparing notes...."

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That was a super important and yet super depressing read.
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just read a bunch of your posts. i haven't been on tumblr for a while! in regards to your post about what is normal...we just have to all remember that the emperor has no clothes and remind each other too! yipes. also,yes,2016 needs a nap.