hummingwolf: hummingwolf in front of brick wall with flower drawn on it (Wallflower)
hummingwolf ([personal profile] hummingwolf) wrote2016-03-02 07:32 pm

Wednesday Report

Today's weather was blustery, with a high temperature twenty Fahrenheit degrees cooler than yesterday's. It was glorious.

Headache continues. I went for a walk anyway (actually a few short walks). Multiple optimistic daffodils are blooming throughout the neighborhood, though the daffodils on our street remain tightly enclosed in their buds. The two little pink cherry trees on our street have many pretty flowers on them, while most other cherry trees seem to remember that it's still very early in March.

Much to the surprise of nobody at all, I bought tea and chocolate while I was out. Somewhat to my own surprise, I was in the mood for milk chocolate rather than dark.

Eyes don't want to focus. Laundry doesn't want to dry. Brain doesn't want to come up with any better way to end this entry, so this is it.