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hummingwolf ([personal profile] hummingwolf) wrote2016-03-01 07:12 pm

A pretty Tuesday, after all

Somehow--and don't ask me how--I managed to get just the right amount of tea today to dial the headache down to an ignorable level so I could go out for a walk. Today was a our third day in a row with temperatures in the Fahrenheit 60s, making for a wonderfully springlike stretch of days. While crocuses and snowdrops have been blooming since January, and daffodils have been thinking about bursting their buds, this week some of the earlier-blooming cherry trees have been turning distinctly pink. These aren't the famous Yoshino cherry trees tourists flock to see on the Tidal Basin in DC every year (those usually bloom a few weeks later), but they are a lovely harbinger of warm weather.

This being March, the weather prognosticators expect us to get some snow by the end of the week. Of course.

Anyway, today was pleasant and breezy and a good day to chat with one of my neighborhood friends who had just finished planting a basketful of bulbs in her yard when I passed by her house. After talking for a while about the weather and her garden (which had had to be torn up last year for various reasons, so she's trying to catch up on re-planting), she told me about a new used bookstore I'll have to check out some non-migrainey day.

I also went to the library, went grocery shopping, wandered around a little more (all while taking frequent breaks), and listened to a borrowed CD featuring jazz violinists. I have decided that I need more jazz violin in my life. I also need more chocolate, but you probably guessed that.

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