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hummingwolf ([personal profile] hummingwolf) wrote2016-03-01 11:14 am
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A Super Tuesday?

Dear Fellow Americans:

If you happen to live in a place where there are primary elections today, could you please consider voting for someone who's not a living cartoon or actively inviting comparisons to all the actual historical Fascists? I realize this is going to be more difficult for some of you than for others, but still--please try to find someone halfway decent on the ballot somewhere.

2016: The first year I've heard a Republican talk about moving to Canada if their own party's presidential frontrunner wins in November.
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[personal profile] bluegreen17 2016-03-02 02:19 pm (UTC)(link)
your last line there is a real zinger! anyway...i've done my voting for the primary for this year,as i'm in new hampshire.

i'm glad that you personally had a lovely day in your neighborhood,in spite of lingering headache. hope the fresh air and flowers and friendliness of your neighborhood helped!
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Fresh air does help sometimes! The weather's been kind to me this week--pleasantly warm for a few days, and today a kind of cool, windy day I enjoy. Here's hoping you're doing well!