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hummingwolf ([personal profile] hummingwolf) wrote2017-06-26 02:24 pm
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Hello, LiveJournal

Because LJ has made it intensely difficult for me to sign in on my dial-up connection, and because I can't guarantee that none of the entries I write will violate the laws of the Russian Federation, I am pretty much a Dreamwidth-only creature these days. My recent entries have been access-list only, but if you'd rather not get your own account on Dreamwidth, then those of you who are signed into LJ should be able to log in with OpenID and participate that way.

Same username there as here. And just so you know, it hasn't been all whining over there. I had a good weekend. :-)

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I'm glad your weekend was good! As for DW, I have had mine for ages but forget it's there. After importing everything up to a point, I looked on it as a contingency plan. Now I'm trying to get back into the groove here while cross-posting to there. Hope to make a go of it!
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Yeah, I might try crossposting a few things here, but if LJ won't let me sign in on the slow connection, then I won't be able to respond to LJ comments. That's a shame, since LJ is still where my friends and friendly acquaintances are most likely to check for updates (and maybe, occasionally, post something themselves).