Sunday, January 24th, 2016

Digging out

Sunday, January 24th, 2016 05:14 pm
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After the busy week I'd had, I spent yesterday lounging around (collapsed, really) in the clothes I'd slept in. Watched the snow, listened to the radio, listened to the wind, watched more snow, admired the white-out conditions, read the final pages of a library book, but mostly drank tea and rested. Changed clothes in time to go to sleep again.

All the people on our little street are in agreement about one thing: We're okay with being snowed in for a while as long as we have electricity. We never lost power during the storm and we've still got it now, so it's all good.

I'm not sure which was the better investment--those new boots I bought or the chocolate. I do wish I'd bought more chocolate, though.

Today's weather has been beautiful: blue skies, sunshine, temperature a little bit above freezing, snow sparkling and slowly (very slowly) melting into fantastical undulating shapes.

Huge flocks of robins and starlings have been flying around in search of food, gathering excitedly wherever they see anything resembling bare ground. Canada geese and seagulls have flown higher overhead, apparently not seeing anything worth diving toward.

Our street has been plowed, but not particularly well. It's a one-way street now, but nobody knows which way. It's best if nobody drives anywhere, really. (Do you think this has stopped people from driving up or down our street? Have you met any humans?)

I began shoveling the front walk early this morning. About 9:30 I texted the landlord with "If you haven't maxed out on your daily pain meds yet, you're slacking. Time to shovel." In fairness to him, he did keep shoveling a path between our front door and the street yesterday and into the evening; but it was time to shovel that path again by the time I woke up. And the rest of the sidewalk? Well, I shoveled, with occasional breaks, from sometime before 9 a.m. till sometime before 3 p.m. Got help breaking up some ice from the landlord, and more useful help later on from a neighbor. Did an excellent job clearing the sidewalks in front of our house if I do say so myself, and even helpfully shoveled some grassy areas as well.

Took a shower (finally!). Took some more pain meds. Had a snack while trying to decide what kind of meal I might want. Looked outside and saw the landlord's wife shoveling our sidewalk, which confused me. "You did a great job!" she told me when I opened the door, then she continued shoveling for the next hour. I just... I don't even know.

Though I did try to follow best practices when shoveling today, my back hurts, my legs hurt, my wrists hurt, and I'm so very ow. I suspect I'll be maxing out on pain meds for at least a week. Oh, and I know I'll be sleeping a good long while tomorrow--possibly sleeping until the next farmers market, which may be this week.

I'm pretty sure I still have something else with chocolate in it somewhere. That sounds like supper.


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